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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
It doesn't take more than 2 pellets to be on song after a clean to do a tight group. If she's clean, then it's normally 1 pellet and she's spot on. Until she goes off on one.

Pellet lube is the next thing to try as another shooter with the same rifle and the same issues has had good results.

However the Steyr problem seems unique to it. It's the only rifle I've ever shot which needs barrel attention. The Walther didn't really ever need anything, and nor has any other i've had. Not sure about AA EV2 & FTP as i've never owned one, and the s200 i had was in the days when I was just learning to shoot... that said I'd love it's barrel because that seemed tight without hassle.

have you tried sizing your pellets? I size all of mine and whilst it makes absolutely no difference to accuracy (up to the point the barrel needs cleaning) compared to unsized pellets from the same batch it does extend the time between barrel cleaning significantly. It seems to take off the oxide/graphite/sh1t3 on the end of the skirt where it will engage the rifling leaving it nice and shiny and clean. Pull throughs are nowhere near as mucky, even if I put the best part of a tin through, previously they came out black after 100 shots and needed 2 or 3 passes. I'm currently cleaning every 500 or so shots and could probably go longer before anything bad starts to happen at the target. Unsized needs attention after about 150-200.

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