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Originally Posted by tim g View Post
Eek Rob, it's that kinda faffing that eventually drove me away from my 2002. Not only did it take an age to find a good batch of JSBs but i'd then have to work really hard on figuring out how clean/dirty the barrel liked to be for that batch.... Nothing like plinking before a shoot and finding you need to dash to the car to get the cleaning kit out!

When we clean these things i'm not convinced it's lead we're removing (unless there's an abrasive or brush involved). I suspect that we're removing the metal-working-fluid residues that are left on the pellet. MWFs are fickle things and get contaminated quickly with all sorts including machine sump oils, bacteria and even lazy operatives peepee. So not only do we have to contend with lead and die quality, but also the operating conditions at the factory.

You can of course clean and lube your pellets but life is too short for that. Maybe it's time for JSB or others to invest in some new methods of production. Smallbore ammo makers let you go and test different batches and choose the best for your barrel. Alright, it's 10-40 pence a shot for smallbore ammo, but at the moment it feels like JSB are playing with their pellet poppin customers. Come on H&N/Crossman/Qiang Yuan etc - give JSB some proper competition on the FT scene!!
The batches aren't an issue for me... i just speculate on different ones then pick what seems to work.

Cleaning however as per the other thread, compared to the Walther is a 'mare.

It's definitely more accurate when on song than the Walther. When it's not I may as well throw the things down the range. By comparison the Walther just goes on and on.
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