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Sorry if I wasn't clear with my question. Yes the heavier pellet will have a more arched trajectory. That's a given. But once you learn the trajectory and have it dialed in...the wind is the hardest to deal with. At least for me.

This point was brought to my attention when I was shooting two of my air rifles. One was a Daystate Regal .22 30pfe, and the other was an Airwolf Tactical .25 also shot at 30 fpe (well 32 fpe actually) The Regal was shooting a 16 gr pellet @ 883 fps and the Airwolf a 25 gr @ 789 fps.

It was a windy day. I was shooting at around 50 yds. Targets ( pine cones ) with Regal became a bore after I was able to dope the wind. I started shooting dead branches and could hit them fairly consistently. With the Airwolf, I found that the wind allowance needed was almost half what I was using previously. I was also able to extend my range by another 15 - 20 yards further.

I have set up windage flags while shooting at targets. Watching them, I could see that not only was wind not blowing at the same velocity all the way to the target, but the direction would also change.

This is why I was wondering if using a slightly heavier pellet might help minimize windage errors.

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