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So, the Goldstar is about 50 cheaper and includes a hamster, which will cost you an extra 95 on the Air Arms, making it about 150 more expensive in total. I would hope that you could discuss pricing with the retailer and trim things a bit closer back towards the BSA. So, not a huge amount in it.
  • I have no direct experience with the Goldstar, but I do have with the HFT 500, and I can report that the first time I shot it in competition I got my best ever score (as a % of the top score), and I'm generally doing better with it than I have before.
  • Furthermore power delivery is incredibly consistent - fill to 190 BAR and it is on its sweet spot straight away and you'll get at least 70 good shots. I have chrono'd mine at 150 BAR and found a variation of 6.6fps over a string of 10 shots, just 0.84% variation! Who needs a regulator??
  • I'd just say that you should follow Air Arms recommendation and clean the barrel every 250 shots
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