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Originally Posted by herx77 View Post
With spare time on my hands,( ), and after readingit and eent back down to 777an article by GURU 'Gary' regarding his rifle of choice, the ubiquitas FTP900, I decided to clean the barrel with 009,patches and pull through snake.
When at the club the poi was falling low at zero 35yds and increasing there after.
No time to correct before comp, so it was shot as was! However the poi changed as the comp continued,until spot on at finish,which after shoot off 3rd.
I would have thought a clean barrel would allow the pellet to be faster,eg crap out less obstruction through barrel, poi higher.Instead it was the opposite speeding up as barrel leaded up?
Strange,is that the norm,I don't normally clean barrels they don't seem to require it, but as it was a 900 and 'Gary' recommends it!

Mine gradually crept up to 790 then spewed a few out above my zero , I then cleaned it and wenback to 777 and spot on , mine has never suffered with all the issues you seem to have , i check a hell of a lot at Petes Airgun farm paper punching and tbh if its out more than a pellet or two at 40 yds its me or the pellets , I will do you a favour and take it off your hands 200 quid do ,
thats very generous of you Vinny
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