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Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post
Sadly, or maybe not, if young tony wants to make AA after york, he will need 140%!
Even 100% in both Bfta champs and inters wont help sorry Tony.

If you can get 97% or more at final round, you will achieve the goal of leaving C.
Of course, there is always Chams & inters for yourself too which can sway things if shooting both?
I blew my grade a long while ago Si, wheels came off on a bad run in the cold weather, so much wind on both NEFTA and MFTA this year so it's been a killer to climb back up. Been a bit stuck in the psychological game of Too Much, Too Little, Split (isn't that a Drifters track?). I'll get there mate, got the MFTA Summer League and the GP's to up my game (disciplines) and the truth is I've only been shooting a year so it would be naive to expect to be coming off the course with scores like Our Kes. At the start of the year I was shooting off 29% and I'm now on 63% so I'll take that.

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