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Originally Posted by poison dwarf View Post
Smacks of manipulation of your averages to me
Neil just records them as the CSFTA has always done, and Neil was prudent to double check beforehand as well.

CSFTA FT is open to BFTA card holders, but only CSFTA BFTA card holders are in the league. What we would not want is the competition to be skewed by visitors to the region who could influence the outcome of the league but not be involved in it.
So CSFTA FT rounds are scored as they have always been around the top CSFTA shooter of the day. The visitors are graded around the visitors. What the BFTA grading officer does in the event that visitors score better than the CSFTA I don't know, but it's happened before, even last season, and I don't think anyone has raised it at the AGM's i've attended.

If you really feel that strongly, perhaps contact your rep and get them to discuss it, but I don't think how CSFTA runs it's own league has much to do with a WAFTA shooter from Tondu, so I can't see it changing in CSFTA.

If CSFTA shooters wish to discuss it though, the AGM is in 2 weeks time and we can bring it up in AOB.
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