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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
It's never been the case that the person gets a 2 if the string is pulled, so don't understand why this has caused confusion ?
The situation you mentioned and was looked into and report that we were given was it wasnt called but that it the shooters didn't want to shoot it as he thought the target didn't look right.
I also believe that I spoke to you about this Steve and you confirmed it.

You were mis informed Pete, it was called, i called it. The chief marshall freed the string before checking the target. My shooting partners witnessed the string that had been weighted by a fallen branch being cleared before the target was checked. As soon as he had done it, various people told him about the mistake, so he went to check with chilly. The score stood as a 1, it did cost a 100% on the day, which isnt good, but the marshall learned a lesson.
As you can imagine, i wasnt happy at the time, but i missed out on the series win by 2 shots this year so wouldnt have mattered overall, just would have been closer.
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