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I had it down as taking less than three hours we started at approx 10:40 and I was of the course and finished before 13:30.
I do think there was far to many stoppages today and as far as I know none of them where faulty targets, I went out eight times myself, twice for debris that had been blown across the kill, once for a flying bean bag, once for a broken string, the other four where all splitters.
Over the years I have noticed that more targets get called on a windy day than on a still day
I don't like the idea of awarding donuts for miscalled targets.
I would like to consider doing something similar to tennis or cricket, where each shooter is allowed one call per round if they call a target and it is faulty then they keep the call, if the target is not faulty then they lose there call and cannot call another target unless there is an obvious fault like broken strings debris in front of kills and such.
Might stop the people that see a paddle wobble and automatically assume they have hit it dead centre,

It would just need the Marshall to sign any scorecard where a call was made and make a note as to if it was faulty or not.
Or we don't check any targets marshals make a note of any suspect targets and these are checked at the end of the comp.
any targets deemed faulty are then pulled from the comp.
I may trial something like this during this years Kibby opens to see how it goes.
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