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Originally Posted by Old slider View Post
Omg,wtf,who kept moving the targets lol,well done to the course setters
Vinnie and john,nicely placed to take full advantage of gale force winds,well done to all class winners,I myself am going to find a wind tunnel to get my head round it😄,
Mind you it does help if you shoot the correct target arghhhh,my
Shooting companions were conspicuously quiet while I was doing twister to
Get on the target,just kidding😄😄😄,see you all at next one.

Thanks Ian , took the three of us 2 days to rip out all the old stuff and start from scratch under the careful guidance of Doppa,
You would not believe how much you learn from course setting , number one , if you have short term memory loss like me , treat every target as tho someone else set it , reason why , ? You can spend a lot of time on one target then get the horrors on wondering if it is the one you think it is ,
quite funny really ,setters advantage ? Give it a go, didnt do the three of us any good , if you take up the challenge , every time someone says that , you will smirk with dismay

Thought there would be loads of donuts when the wind picked up unexpectedly overnight , quite a few , but there was an overwhelming aurora of satisfaction I think , bit of brow wiping and all that , never heard one complaint , thats good !
Thanks for all who turned up and helped make it a great day , especially the new faces , caterers, and the people who travelled a fair distance
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