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I alway's say to people i am shooting with , if i am chatting too much , just say so and you can shoot with simon . it does not matter to me who i shoot with ( best to spread it around ) but i think for a newer shooter , it is better to shoot with some one from a higher grade . that way they can possibly learn a bit from the shoot .??? HOLLY

PS Simon , the last time i shot with you was at tawd vale . you me and your mate gadget i think it was . we got to the kneeling lane at the end , gadget ranged it sitting , fair enough . listening to you a lane down chatting . i did not notice gadget actually shooting it sitting . ohwerrrr . had to tell him and he was not happy , cos it spoilt a good run on his part . needless to say i got the blame , even though there was a big kneeling sign . oh well .
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