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Originally Posted by All That Remains View Post
I used to go fishing with my dad when I was about 8 or 9 every weekend, both sea and course fishing. I caught more colds that I did fish

Although Vin has promised to take me fishing again soon, so am looking forward to that.


Certainly will...though i think it may be wise to wait for the warmer weather, its a bit nippy out at the moment
Its good to see how many people enjoy wetting a line as much as pulling a trigger Finding the balance of enjoying both can be tricky at times though. In 2008 i think i manged to get out fishing 2 maybe 3 times but was shooting every weekend and a day midweek practicing. This year I eased off the shooting a little and have found a nice balance and hope to keep it that way and keep enjoying both sports to the max

Cold and bleak.....

But still worth it....
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