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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
I'm not familiar with Blueshot, but you want software that runs on a windows PC and given a shot string will give you highest, lowest, spread, ft.lbs etc? If you know simple excel formulas it's very easy.
I don't have a spreadsheet ready made to hand as I usually make one on the fly when I need one. I think there are a few ready made ones knocking around the internet but I'm at work and most of the airgun oriented sites are blocked. Fortunately this one gets categorised as Sports.

I've knocked up a very simple example (actually edited one I found in my dropbox from years ago). Just paste the shot string into column C and edit the details, like pellet weight in B5. This one will take up to about 50 shots but to extend it just add the same formula from D to the cells below and edit the cell values in the MAX and MIN formulas.
Yes Adam that is the sort of thing i was talking about. The blueshot emails the string to your email address and when loaded into excel the string shows up in 1 row across as many columns as shots you have recorded. I have copied mine to a vertical aspect ie 1 column and copied and pasted into column C and it works if you send me your email address i will email you the string and you will see for yourself

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