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Originally Posted by popsheep View Post
What a great responce nearly 500 different people visited the Web site last night ,thank you all

A good question about booking your place ,its a numbers game ,our first shoot at Lea Valley will be one session but if we find the demand is there we will put 2 sessions from then on .
We at HFT MASTERS to help with the cost will allow shooters to shoot first session or second session so if you come from the North and the shoot is in the SOUTH you need not get a expensive hotel just pick your mates up and come on the morning of the shoot and shoot second session,its no difference to us you will win some then maybe the next shoot you will shoot in bad weather but we feel on the whole you;ll win some and loose some and really does it matter ,just come and shoot and enjoy the day
cheers Ian and Roger
Really pleased for all the positive responses to this series, lot of good work obviously carried out by ian and rog that I, m sure everyone will benefit from

Personally I like supported shots and any quibbles about left / right handed , low , high shots are really down to good course setting , cant please eveyone all the time , so unless we pick a sterile vertical post theres always after talk about various pegs despite the position , I think thats where a lot of banter gets generated from

We all know everyones going to enjoy it so well done

I thought in the back of my warped mind I was hoping that all the pegs were going to be freestyle with exrta
points awarded, that would be really nice in, my mind anyway ,maybe later, HFT MASTERS GRAND FINALS ?

for another series , HFT MEGA MASTERS :

who knows ?
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