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Originally Posted by KeithW View Post
As I understand it there'll be no separate "ladies" class (although of course we do have plenty of classy ladies who shoot) and I think that is to be welcomed with, er, open arms.

As I understand it shooters will be relegated / promoted between Tiers according to their performance and that also is a definite move forward.

In fact I think that these two taken together, plus the potential for spectators, moves HFT forward quite a bit and will encourage more air gunners to come into HFT.

I think removing the supports (aka obstacles) for kneelers and standers is a good idea - I think there'll be a lot of people practising their positionals! It should also make it even more challenging to shoot a clear round.

Excellent news and a very positive development

Good on you, guys. Go to it!

I don't agree with tier systems, IMO they cause more problems than they solve. We have seen top shooters stuck in lower tiers just because, due to other commitments, they have not shot for a while.

Supported shots are valid shooting positions in real world scenarios and are every bit in spirit with the "H" part of HFT. If a support is available, one would almost cartainly use it. The move towards unsupported kneelers only, is a move towards a pure target sport. You will be advocating the adjustment of scopes next!
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