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Originally Posted by skires View Post
This may have been even before the AngloAmerican.

I remember Gary C and Sammie shot it. It was the first time I met them. My first wife Tracy and I shot together. There was a sort of hollow/dip in the ground and the vertical target was in there. You lay on your back in the dip and shot directly above you at the target up a tree.

There was a youngish guy called Mark, who had long hair ( pony tail ), who was one of the early days HFT shooters. He was on the next lane to us and he missed about 5 on the trot. He exclaimed that if he missed one more his rifle was going downrange. He missed the next target and, sure enough, his PCP was launched downrange into a shrub. Nice day out. Parked amongst trees in the wood. Really relaxing after the shoot sitting with a brew chatting.
I'm 99% sure it was an AA shoot as i was there as well. The vertical shot was in the 'bomb hole'...i remember 2 stories of people launching their guns...both times they were warned
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