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Cheers Chris.

We, of course, aren't discussing what would be a good idea here for something new. The 2 guys have done this and fair play to them and I hope it goes really well.

They seem to be wanting to create a shoot where one group of people can shoot it very competitively and another group in a more relaxed way ... and to try and encourage more people to have a go and possibly shoot in Tier 2 ... and maybe move to Tier 1 if they wish.

I applaud that but all I can see different for them is the chance to go look at the course before the shoot and be able to shoot with who they wish ( if I've interpreted that correctly ) and shoot all positionals unsupported. The Tier 2 'Fun' shooters will still be shooting exactly the same course, in exactly the same way, as the Tier 1 shooters. So, from a shooting point of view, you either make the course too easy for Tier 1 or too hard for Tier 2. The same as it is now for everyone of all abilities shooting in the Open Class. If you get some wind then a lot of lower ability, youngster and newby shooters may find it tough to knock many down. That may deter them from keeping with the sport until they get to a standard. The stable prone position and top quality kit has forced this issue. One way around that is to make the prone position less stable for top tier shooters but let lower tier shooters keep the stable position. You could then use generally bigger kills which would 1) Allow lower ability shooters, juniors and newbies to enjoy knocking down more targets until they get up to a level ( they may then want to join the top tier ), and 2) Reduce the lottery in wind and put more onus on shooting ability for top tier shooters. Not sure how many top tier folk would welcome that as people generally don't like things being made harder.

Like I say, we're not discussing what could be done.

I hope it goes really well for them.

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