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I use exactly that scope for FT. And the clicks are certainly fine enough.

The Sightron LRMD/CM (Long RangeMilDot/CentiMeter) scope has an 0.05 MRAD (MilliRADian) click value. That is 0.05 or 1/20th of a mil (the distance between the center of two mildots). 1/20th of 50 millimeter is 2.5 millimeter. So one click is 2.5mm at 50 meters.
To compare: 1/4 moa clicks are approximately 3.6mm at 50m and 1/8 moa clicks are 1.8mm at 50 meter. So the 0.05MRAD click is in between but closer to the 1/8moa click. (Thats confusing because the M in moa stands for the minute or 1/60. It is actually very strange for scope makers to build a scope with a mildot reticle, so with 1/1000th divisions and then use moa or 1/60th for the turret divisions).

It helped me to understand the Mildot thing when I realized that the word Mil comes from milli. Like in millimeter, milliliter or milligram and that milli means the 1000th part ( 1/1000 or 0.001).
So a mil subtends 1/1000 of the distance. Thus a mil at 50 meters is 50 millimeters. A mil at 40 meters is 40 millimeters and so on. (50 meters = 50x1000 millimeters. 50000mm divided by 1000 is 50mm) .
So for the click value of 0.05MRAD this is 1/20th of 50 mm at 50 meters which equals to 2,5mm per click at 50 meters. Certainly fine enough for a 40mm hitzone at 5 meters.
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