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I like how you can go and have a wander around the courses with a brew.

Am I right in thinking that the Tier 1 folk have the partners drawn for them ( as it is now ) ... but the Tier 2 shooters can choose who they want to shoot with to encourage a more family and relaxed shooting experience for the Tier 2 folk? This is how it used to be in HFT and I liked that as I could shoot with the wife. People can enjoy shooting with their mates etc like at club shoots ( I think you can do that in the Winter Midlands league ? ).

It was people being accused of being 'inventive' with the scorecards with their wives and mates etc that stopped that.

More explinations are needed on the site.

I was sort of hoping for something more radical re the actual shooting but I wish them well.

I like that they are trying to give a second Tier that can be relaxed and enjoyable. I still think the stability of HFT prone/quality of kit has forced kill sizes/ranges to a point that low level shooters, youngsters and newbies may struggle and be deterred ( esp. in wind ).
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