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Default From their website, the format................

Some rules are different from the current from the UKAHFT Rules.

Standing shots will be unsupported and will have a maximum distance of 80 yards combined for the three standing shots which will be on all our courses. The distances of the standing shots
will be a Minimum of 20 yards to maximum of 35 yards.

Kneeling shots will be unsupported and will be at ranges between 20 yards and 35 yards and the combined distance of all three kneeling shots will not exceed 80 yards.

All targets 15 -40 mm.

Targets will only be of the knock over type, only straight paddles with no welding, washers or bends all face plates with no alterations.

Yardages 8-45 yards and kill sizes from 15-40 mm

Pretty much clears most things up, apart from any 'kill size/distance' rules.

Another excuse to shoot instead of shopping is good for me, Good luck with it chaps.

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