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Originally Posted by poth View Post
3 knealers and standers max of 35 yds and all three maximum of 80 yds so thats 1 at 35 yds 1 at 20 yds and 1 at 25 yds or a variation of these measurments .is the scoring 2 for a kill 1 for a plate ?. how many targets ?. is there pegs ? .a lot of unanswered questions that need clarifying .not very professional seing as the effort put into promoting it .

good point. they might actually make you take the shots facing away from the target and holding a mirror with a marshall giving you 30 seconds to load your pellet with your teeth. I guess the fact that its still called HFT might be a clue though. It was a bit thoughtless of them not clarifying the mirror thing though
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