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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
So for a non HFT shooter like myself, what's the main differences/rules between the two organisations? If I was looking to start HFT why would I choose this one to compete in?
It's like me breaking away from the BFTA and forming a new organisation isn't it?
Andy, even in Ft, theres different flavours, hft will be no different.
You have FT as in the BFTA gp series style, then you have the alternative courses hosted by the Germans at the worlds, then you have showdown, regional variations and special comps like nefta classic or anglo all shot and enjoyed under 1FT banner.

While the Bfta as an organisation structure is democratic and evolves by comittee over long time frames, the ukahft is not, or a governing body, just a widely used and enjoyed format. I know there are plenty other hft formats in use, just not as widely used as ukahft rules.

Im really liking the choice of styles and rules, its the best excuse a man needs to set another gun up as long as theres enough room on the calendar without being forced to choose.
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