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Originally Posted by madplinker View Post
We have two leagues in Scotland the UKHFTA league run by Stewart Webb which was a great success. Also we have the SARPA league as well which partly will be run by Greg which i know will be run well sarpa league is run to UKHFTA rules. So thats 18 events which do not clash then on top of that you have the Scottish HFT champs one shoot 60 targets and the Scottish Masters one shoot 30 targets plus the nationals on top of these if you want too go or can afford them. So we are a lucky bunch of hobbits above the border lol

Also there is HFT extreme as well run along with the FT boys up here all good and we are looking forward to the worlds to kick off everything no pressure guys and the new masters series cannot be a bad thing for those of us who love HFT.
Down here we currently have
Southern Hunters
And now the HFT Masters
plus plenty of club series.
Looks like if your up for it you may never have to spend a weekend at home again
Unfortunately as an organiser at a club and the DMHS I may have to pick and choose which events I can attend otherwise I could be looking for a new partner
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