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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Says the guy that's taken every chance to niggle me this season, you castle boys do like your mind games.
Are you up for the bet or not, think this season was my 5th (shooting ages)
No children or wizards were interfered with whilst writing this post.
Sorry Iv misunderstood , "mind" games ?? I'd need a mind for that !
And I assumed ( wrongly ) you had been in the game for longer .
However I don't understand me niggling you , I thought I'd been damn rite unpleasant , must try harder damo1 ( come on now let's not take that serious either )
Si I like all of these ft types even you , and I'm sure you don't want to profit from my misery as I don't yours .
I will however make a donation to these unfortunate chidlers in the op .

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