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If no play in the sidewheel ( as yours ) then they are a decent scope. Range well etc. There were versions that were more popular than others. Mine is a 50x but I only range at 40x as 50x is losing it a tad.

They seem a lot of scope, and made in Japan, to be let go for less than 200 notes. I suppose modern day FT guys will be spending good money on a gun and so don't mind spending a few hundred on a more modern scope like a Nikko etc.

So, as stated above, it's down to someone wanting a second hand scope for FT and only having about 200 to spend and doesn't mind risking an old scope that isn't supported anymore.

If it's in good condition and with no play in the sidewheel, as you say, then I'd be wanting 200 for it.

Good luck.
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