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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post

..... so whatever grading system is employed is going to be wrong from time to time, and that's why we have a clause where shooters can elect to shoot at a higher grade. There do seem to be some shooters who will continue to shoot at the grade the BFTA has given them and refuse to elect a higher grade (because they haven't earned it) but that's nonsense. The grading system is bound to get it's prediction wrong from time to time (although mostly it gets it right) and shooters should be encouraged to elect a higher grade when the grading system is clearly wrong in it's prediction.

At the end of the day, you've got to accept that because we shoot in variable conditions, there's always going to be an element of luck involved, and that's not limited to AM and PM sessions. Your start lane can also have a bearing on the result.

It takes a few hours to shoot a full GP course and conditions can change throughout the session.. If you happen to start a GP in an open field section in a stiff wind, but after an hour the wind drops to nothing, you're at a disadvantage because now the following shooters are going to be hitting that open field section when the wind's dropped.

The only way to make it fair is shoot it indoors, but that's not FT, that's just T

Good points Brian. I have now introduced the option for older scores that cause a shooters % to remain low to be dropped. Thus putting the % up to a more current average.
I remember Tony Cook saying a few years ago we want shooters going up as quick as we can and that makes sense in most cases.

i.e. we have shooters who only do a few shoots a year so the system is slow to react to these shooters, its one of the reasons I insisted all regional scores are graded so as to get as up to date results as possible
We have many shooters with scores from say a year or more ago on the system, these can in some cases be lower than current results if a shooter was new to the sport or the equipment has now been upgraded. It would be nice to see some obvious candidates come forward.

I rode my luck yesterday. Contrary to some peoples belief, I was not one of the "early" shooters on the course there were at least 36 other in front of me, with perhaps less than 10 behind?
I shot fairly poorly really yesterday, far to wound up to hold the gun steady but I managed to get "lucky" on a few shots, far more luck with a dash of Desire than skill at times!

As Roger would say, don't come with the problem, come with the answer ( but make sure it suits all lol)
I think we are getting closer to the answer, but it is never going to suit all.

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