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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
I thought the thread was about the Grades which result from the am vs pm session. I think for the competition(s) the scores need to be based on the event rather than session.

Looks like a lot more work for the Grading Officer and Stats compiler but I think we should gather the data and come back to the topic in the Autumn (well, in time for the AGM motions if needs be).
It does follow on though Neil.. if the grades are based on session specific percentages, wouldn't you want the competition to also use those percentages? Why would it be fair to do it for one, and not the other?

If it's purely for grading, you'll have another problem creeping in..

If the competition series percentages are session specific, then any mistakes where a shooter has for example switched session on the day etc, will be picked up when the scores are published, however if it's just the grading those mistakes would more than likely not be picked up.

The Grading thing does seem to cause a lot of concern, my personal opinion on it is that the grading system is there to try to predict a shooters future performance, not document their past performance.

It's impossible to accurately predict a shooters future performance, so whatever grading system is employed is going to be wrong from time to time, and that's why we have a clause where shooters can elect to shoot at a higher grade. There do seem to be some shooters who will continue to shoot at the grade the BFTA has given them and refuse to elect a higher grade (because they haven't earned it) but that's nonsense. The grading system is bound to get it's prediction wrong from time to time (although mostly it gets it right) and shooters should be encouraged to elect a higher grade when the grading system is clearly wrong in it's prediction.

At the end of the day, you've got to accept that because we shoot in variable conditions, there's always going to be an element of luck involved, and that's not limited to AM and PM sessions. Your start lane can also have a bearing on the result.

It takes a few hours to shoot a full GP course and conditions can change throughout the session.. If you happen to start a GP in an open field section in a stiff wind, but after an hour the wind drops to nothing, you're at a disadvantage because now the following shooters are going to be hitting that open field section when the wind's dropped.

The only way to make it fair is shoot it indoors, but that's not FT, that's just T
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