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Default Not about me

Originally Posted by fireblade View Post
Jeezes, get a grip, both am and pm has their +'s & -'s, just shoot your best!, you get what you get!,
if you can learn from your mistakes, your shooting WILL eventually improve ( if you live long enough ��) no matter what the weather throws at you.
at the end of the day, trying to improve yourself and enjoying your sport is what really matters, not a piece of plastic/marble or glass.
RIVI enough said

Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
It happens , weather conditions change , Tawd last year for example ?
Maybe just don't hand your score card in then your stopping your grade from being battered.
This idea was not about me Scott,i mostly shoot Am so I can get back to the family on time.
I just thought that it may make thing's a bit more equal.
I like where your coming from on the score card idea,nudge nudge know what I mean Harry
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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