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Talking Cold & pm golf ???

Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
looking at the weather for harriers session 5% chance of rain, 20 to 30 mile an hour wind session 75% chance of rain and 30 to 50 mile an hour wind speed "metcheck weather" if that happens ? Any one shooting pm session may as well not bother...ive been shooting long enough to know the pm session will be a totally different shoo t to the am session and a pointless exercise...and a waste of petrol money....if the forecast is correct that is???
I understand, what you are saying , but it's horses for courses. The morning sessions are always slower, and the cold today was incredible , today waiting between lanes iwas not fun. pellets were dropping way, way low, my hands were so cold I did not even realise I had even dropped a pen my hand was stuck . I love shooting in the rain as I like it as a good windictator , but I had a pw, (personal worst today) in the morning. , but that's life ,summer league soon :-)x . But you have to have the bad to appreciate the good. It's the same system in golf, on medal days wednesdays non workers ,Saturday's workers , and the weather would effect your handicap as the lowest score stands for both. Thanks to Vicky for being a great partner today Vicky outstanding shooting this winter league lass. Thank you to harriers for a interesting memorable shoot, and thanks to Sam,Gilly ,Shaun and Debby for all their work this winter x
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