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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Mr Chillingworth
I seem to remember you could not cope with all that FT gear being lugged around Mad a couple of years back.
So our 4 event review that we were promised got compressed into one experience at your local shoot.
This year is the 25th anniversary of the Nefta Classic ,get booked in and shoot a proper tough FT comp to do a review on.
And if you put your name on the taybarns list and i'll buy you dinner for your trouble
There's even a class for your HFT gear to be used ,SFT.
But be warned, theres no pegs and the only tree in the sillies shed is the Old Oak holding the stop watch.
P.s local weather for Sunday does show it windy but not 20-50 mph more like 15-20
I have always been a fan of FT. In fact I am a fan of anything that gets us out shooting. For me FT is no good as my lower back can't cope with the sitting (slipped disc a few years back)

I just get a bit irked when some FT boys go on about the peg when they have a whole arsenal Of aids to use.

i have often described field target As being formula 1 and hft as being nascar.
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