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Thread is relevant to both really as once you reach a standard where you have decent kit and a decent stability on hold, it's mainly about judging the wind. You can negate the affect of the wind on scores by having sensible kills at the right ranges and adding far more positionals. The test then becomes more of shooting, rather than wind judgement. Don't say that out loud though or people will have a thrombo if they think they may actually have to learn to shoot kneelers and standers.

FT with it's extra 10 yards and HFT with a lot of small kills will always be greatly affected by wind. So different wind in different sessions does make a difference.

More 'bigger' ( 25 and 40mm ) kills at sensible ranges and less shots taken in super stable positions and wind will have less of a say. Never going happen though as loads of shooters wouldn't want to play.
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