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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
Don't forget the butt hook, gimp suit, knee riser, super deep hamster, windicator, spirit level, 50 mag scope, temperature strip and i'm sure there's a few other things.

But yes, we do have a peg :-)
ooh Gary, you little tinker, I see what you are doing

There aren't that many who do both, those that do will tell you they are 2 different games and need different skills - both are equally hard in their own way despite percieved gadget advantages spouted by people who don't know any better, or people who do and are stirring the **** pot

With that in mind, and as someone who does both, imho its easier to get good at HFT compared to FT

slight digression from the opening post - but agree in theory, have seen both session results come in many times where one session has a massive advantage over the other. Rivi FT GP last year for example, Ian Taylor shot an awesome 40 in the morning in really testing conditions, afternoon squad had the 1st hour of equal conditions then the wind died. On an equal day, the shoot would have gone to Ian.
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