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Default FT review

Originally Posted by mike View Post
Wow! That didn't take long for the cats claw's to come out yep you right never been at the "sharp End" as this is my second year at HFT and my first compation shoot was the Air Arm's memorial shoot back in September 14. Didn't win that one either as to having no chance of winning, well I didn't know you could predict the future! Best not waste any more effort on trying then.
I would love a nice thick cushion to sit on
There not cats claws there Marc Fisher claws,one of the sharpe end shooters of Ft ,even when it's windy

Originally Posted by scutter View Post
Don't forget the butt hook, gimp suit, knee riser, super deep hamster, windicator, spirit level, 50 mag scope, temperature strip and i'm sure there's a few other things.

But yes, we do have a peg :-)
Mr Chillingworth
I seem to remember you could not cope with all that FT gear being lugged around Mad a couple of years back.
So our 4 event review that we were promised got compressed into one experience at your local shoot.
This year is the 25th anniversary of the Nefta Classic ,get booked in and shoot a proper tough FT comp to do a review on.
And if you put your name on the taybarns list and i'll buy you dinner for your trouble
There's even a class for your HFT gear to be used ,SFT.
But be warned, theres no pegs and the only tree in the sillies shed is the Old Oak holding the stop watch.
P.s local weather for Sunday does show it windy but not 20-50 mph more like 15-20
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.

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