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Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post
Very pleased with the New Gary Cane, infact when I opened the box I was speechless.
That don't happen often, believe it or not!

The fit is superb, the craftsmanship is simply the best. You get what you pay for and this is certainly worth the money, if you were thinking of treating yourself to a new stock, Gary Cane is the place you should be going to if you want the best!

Weight seems on par with Preist beast Stock (14.5lbs) as requested, should help control the Fixed X45 Comp. Fits like a glove. Balance seems spot on.

Colours are stunning, Richer and nicer than the first jackorada stock I had. This without dought will be the Gilly pumping stock lol!
Infact, I think the stocks name shall be "DESIRE" .

Thanks to Gary and Jane @ Techwood designs / Gary Cane gunstocks.

Yes, I know, the but hook needs to be Silver now!

Oh and Arms dealer was right, so I have cleaned the action!
The stock is called desire, the action rev, your njr100 or the welsh wizard...a lot of names going on, what's ya pellet's called
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