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Originally Posted by Miri Mawr View Post
Would have liked to see the big boys in action. I gather that it was a very good day. I may be a bit bias but it's a lovely little club, best thing I ever did was to join up.
Have you noticed all us Big Boys stand next to you. We don't look so big any more.
Hopefully we will get you plodding round the John Thomas Memorial shoot on March 29th??

Most missed targets sunday (29 entries)

1/ T36, 18 missed it, Stander at 37 yards
2/ T19, 14 missed it, Stander at 23 yards (A.A. tall post)
3/ T4, 14 missed it, sitter 55 yards up top bank
4/ T17 13 missed it, Kneeler at 41 yards (inclined)
5/ T10 12 missed it, Sitter at 50 yards (only target Jack missed)
6/ T6 12 missed it, sitter at 48 yards (top of bank)
7/ T24 12 missed it, sitter at 40 yards (Full kill,Anti Aircraft shot in bowl)
8/ T25 11 missed it, sitter at 28 yards (25mm R in bowl, anti aircraft shot)
9/ T33 11 missed it, sitter at 52 yards ( dark lane)
10/ T2 11 missed it, sitter at 48yards.
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