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Originally Posted by dimmer0707 View Post
Trouble is with the small team with 5 scores to pick form is that if one member has a bad round your screwed. Were as the big club with 25 can have two or three of the better guys can have a poor round but that still leaves the other twenty member that can have a above avarage round for them and bingo your still in the money.Like i say this is only my opinion
If everyone felt the same way Matt we would only have one or two teams each year, the main point is enjoying yourself as a team & maybe trying to better you usual placings

The last two years have been dominated by MAD & for many years before that it was the Quarry team, there will always be the top teams with some teams hoping one day to pinch a win. I'm sure Anston's solitary win this year meant more to them than the continuous wins by MAD.

I can't really see why 25 man teams are too many, if you look at most teams it's the same shooters coming on top & attending all the shoots, a lot of the other shooters never even get chance to have a counting score

As I said in an earlier post there are plans to add an extra element into the club team event for 2010, it would be a shame if Christchurch missed out
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