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Thumbs up Movember is over!

Righto, many thanks for all your interest & to those who contributed to the Cause.
I raised 125 personally with your help & my team raised 3,492.22p.
Here's alittle note from the Prostate Cancer Charity expressing their thanks taken from the Movember site;

Thanks from The Prostate Cancer Charity
"As the 2009 Movember campaign comes to an end, I'm writing on behalf of The Prostate Cancer Charity to say a HUGE thanks for your fantastic efforts this year..."

No final figures have been sent to me so I can't tell you any totals but as over 45,000 of us in this Country were involved I think we can assume a substantial ammount.
I'd like to thank Rob for allowing me to put this up here & if you want to remove this thread as a sticky in the near future, say by the start of the new year, just to allow my thanks to be viewed by as many as possible, that will be fine.
Cheers all.
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