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Originally Posted by Rutty View Post
I recall the Community Charge; to give it its correct name; and also the myth peddled by the left wing that it was trialled in Scotland before being introduced in England. The line was that it was another indignity inflicted upon the Scots by an uncaring Westminster government. The truth is somewhat different, the revaluation cycles for property were different north and south of the border. A Scottish revaluation was due and would have been a very costly undertaking, the only way to avoid it was new legislation and thus the Community Charge was introduced in Scotland earlier than England.

Looking at the Community Charge as a replacement for rating and valuation, it was a much more easy system to levy and administer. The argument against it was that the "Man in the Mansion" paid the same as the man in the 3 bed semi. Well, I lived in the 3 bed semi with a wife and 2 kids, paying the rates out of my wage. Next door, the family of 4 all worked and paid the same as me. What's fair about that? They all used council services as well.

The left wing "property is theft" brigade latched on to a cause, promoted it with violent demonstrations and as result we are still stuck with the ridiculous tax related to an outdated system of property values. I would rather have a simple and transparent pe rcapita levy than that. But hey, don't let the facts get in the way of a thoroughly rewritten left wing version of history.

What has this got to do with airgun legislation in Scotland you ask? Well everything because it is quite different. Instead of being thought up in Westminster for fiscal reasons it was dreamt up in Edinburgh for purely political reasons. It was a straightforward exercise in grabbing legislative power and then using it regardless of its fairness or effect. Although some in Scotland may try to gain some kind of illusory comfort from imagining that it is not the case, there is absolutely no appetite or interest in introducing similar legislation in England, none whatsoever.

What is interesting is the tactics now being adopted by the SNP. having lost the Indepence argument they are now makng all the right noises that could eventually annoy the English electorate sufficiently that they might eventually be shown the door anyway. One has to admire their political approach, but fear for the future of Scotland if they achieve their aims. If the predictions are correct Scotland seems set to return a myriad of left wing zealots as MPs at the next election; and I don't mean the Labour Party!. To these people, independence is really of secondary concern, it is only a vehicle for their left wing vision. If their plan reaches fruition, airgun legislation will be the least of your worries.

A great post, spot on!

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