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Originally Posted by john0neuk View Post
The glove is a off hand benefit - stiff in make up it helps support the rifle when the correct position is taken which is meant to be bone on bone to take out movement - by that I mean gun with weight supported by forearm and wrist working as one, rested on the hip and weight transferred through to ground with straight leg etc. Think triangles and there natural supporting structure.
It also aids in height of presentation for standers allowing target to be addressed from above to settle and fire on correct sight picture.
Final benefit is as stated above to take out any possibility of pulse affecting sight picture.
A good structured glove aids in many ways.
The jacket in FT is usually only really used correctly in standers again - it has to be fastened tightly so restricting movement. It is worn by a few top class FT shooters but is undone mostly and always for sitting and mostly kneeling I believe - it is not called a gimp coat for nothing. Again in 10m air the jacket, trousers and indeed flat soled boots enable a stiffer repeatable platform to be formed and aids repeatable presentation.
In prone Rimfire etc the jacket coupled with a sling locks the rifle in firmly and again aids the formation of triangles of support in the prone position etc.

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