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Originally Posted by what barn door View Post
Haha yeah Tilly's, guy in there tried to sell me a second hand HW99s for 275,
I pointed out that McAvoys would sell me a new one for 210, his face was a picture. I guess he has to make a living but he has lost touch with reallity a bit.

Can I ask a pretty dumb question?

Well here goes, I bought a MTC scop and a Nikon pro staff scope, both very nice scopes, however I want to buy a scope that I can stick onto a springer with a pretty hefty kick, but I want it to last and I want to use if for HFT so that I can try it out.
I suppose I could risk one of the nice scopes but would be gutted if they broke because of the recoil.

All ideas welcomed.


Regarding scopes and springers, most modern scopes 'should' be able to handle the recoil, just make sure you get decent mounts preferrably with a recoil pin that engages in the gun cylinder.
Alternatively a quality 1 piece mount will do the job.
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