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Originally Posted by rogb View Post
How about B-Square mediums? I know the low which I've got here are 11mm A height. Older MTCs which I used on my twanger were 11.5mm.

The next generation MTCs are 16.5mm.

Maybe email JP at Optics warehouse and ask him to find an A height from his range of mounts that is close?


PS Happy Xmas to you and all meonites
Cheers Rog, I had thought the B-Squares might do it but couldnt find any data on heights.
Happy xmas to you too mate

Originally Posted by scutter View Post
I am getting some Hawke 30mm mounts in a few days, I will measure them.

Also if I remember correctly the MTC 30mm (BKL style) were bigger then the SM medium and smaller then the SM high
He currently has Hawke ones on as such...albeit with 2mm of packing in them!!! Too low im afraid Gary.
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