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A grade and staying there
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Firstly, thanks to the Tondu Members who helped today. I cant recall having so many helpers at a shoot, nice to see the club growing each year.
We have a growing band of members that are keen and friendly, absolutely fantastic to see.
Be even better if we manage to get the course in tomorrow and the Practice course back out on the day!

so what does Tomorrow Hold?

firstly, Top Gate open 8am to 10am.
It will be locked after that so late comers will have to walk down for a key. Sorry, cant do anything about that.

Main Zero range open 8.15 to 9.25am
Reduced capacity Zero range open 9-30 onwards ( between bottom ponds)

Briefing 9.25am.

Shotgun start (pick your own lane) 9.30am. Lane 1 may be reserved However.

After the battering some of the Wafta shooters % took at Quarry ( winds picked up!) I think most will enjoy what is a fairly easy looking course

It will be won or lost (probably) from lanes 2 - 5 along the top bank, there is not much wind forecast tomorrow but it always catches the pellet along the top banks.

As you descend the banks and go into the Bowl, the ranges drop and hits should be easier!
The bowl is however waterlogged in places, chippings have been out between the (wetter) gates to keep the seat as dry as possible, but Good waterproof footwear is highly recommended.

About 4 Anti Aircraft (WFTF style) shots off the bag in the bowl, could steal a wobbly miss off a shooter or two?

My favourite lane is Lane 17, the dark Lane.

Standers, unfortunately for any Ftp owning shooter from salmons Leap FTC, there are 3 short standers, so that's A.D. on a 37 lol
1 longer stander to test the better shooters, but some angles on the standers to mix it up a bit.

Kneelers, average length but again some angles to make them a bit trickier than normal?.

Golden Dragon is a gimmie so hope you all have a punt at it.

I think AA will be won on 37 - 40, yep I think this course can be cleared given lower winds tomorrow

A grade 32 -37

B Grade 25 - 33

C grade 20 -28

Open grade ! Wafta starts its open Grade class tomorrow, hope to see some having a go at that.

Side shoot

We have managed to put out a slightly wonky Silhouette side shoot. Main thing is they are at correct distances and go down when hit with out bouncing back up!
Well done to A.D. Engineering !
2 a go, all money will be paid back as prize money. Bfta rules.

For those wanting a bit of warm up or warm down practice, the easy ft and selected lanes on the bottom practice course are open to use.

Hope you Enjoy

BFTA Grading Question to

Updated Bfta % by region and grade,44.0.html

[B] [SIZE="3"]Photos on BFTA Fbook page, tall and short !!
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