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Originally Posted by Ste Hughes View Post
My comments were made at 3am after a night out of drinking and strippers. If you want pics/videos pm me.
Of you drunk Ste, or of the strippers?

We had a stripper booked for a lad at the club who was celebrating his 21st. We gave a video phone ( this was before they were that popular ) to a lad who managed to get a place right at the front and told him to just keep it recording. The stripper was unbelievably attractive ( I've seen some rough ones but this girl was stunning ). She had the lad tied to a chair and had his pants down ... usual stuff. She then did a bit of a show that was ... er ... entertaining.

After she left we all topped up our glasses and sat down to look at the recording. This plonker had 15 minutes of a ginger haired lad tied to a chair with his danglies hanging out. We meant to record the girl you blithering idiot!
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