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I normally refrain from posting on these threads but feel I need to.
What people seem to forget is when SARC started (even currently) all we had was digs etc from either the shooters and even the organisers regarding HFT stating that it’s not this it’s not that, even had the current organiser having a dig at the Worlds stating it wasn’t the proper Worlds, why even HFT is compared or even mentioned by people who are not interested in it is beyond me!!!
Another thing is the head shots, SARC seem to think they have invented these yet we have had these in HFT for around 10 years, same as the 8-10mm we have been using these in Extremes and the likes of the Anglo American for god knows how many years.

And people wonder why some HFT shooters respond the way they do, it’s a human reaction called retaliation.
But it does always make me laugh when the subject of pegs etc come up, SARC may be hard due to the targets etc but doesn’t mean anything as otherwise why are most SARC shooters an average shot when they try HFT?

If the attitude in the beginning was different I think a lot of HFT shooters would have tried it, myself included, as a lot of people don’t realise Johnny Smith contacted me quite a few times for advice even he was embarrassed with SARC shooters comments on times.

That’s all I’ll say on the matter.


Steve did you enjoy the Dream boys????
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