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Originally Posted by James0807 View Post
It was the American rifle that I did my testing with.

The drop was noticible compared to my die4. At 40 yards I had to adjust the scope 4 clicks up on the elevation to match the same aim point of aim as my exacts. Grouping was comparable to the exacts.

The problem I had was that when my zero was set at 40yds, 30 yard and 35 yard, aim points did not coincide with the marks on my reticle for those ranges compared to my normal exacts, they came in above the marks. This suggests a different flight, velocity dropping more or a mix of both.

The skirts looking at the back, weight is more distributed over the skirt of the pellet and it reminds me of looking at a Barracuda match or bisley magnum from the back.

Steve did not have the same results as me proving that every barrel/gun is different.

They grouped very nicely though.

Regards LG100 dropped approx 5mm lower at 40 yards, Neil Hagues LG dropped about 25mm at 50 yards but John Grays Steyr Challenger didn't drop at all at 55 yards.....go figure.
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