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Nope, no typo. Even my FWB 300 required a FAC to purchase. Air pistols that go over 500 fps are classified as a restricted weapon( same as a S&W 44 mag). Different license for that too. The only thing exempt from this rule is flintlock long guns.

But, as a kid, I didn't find my BSA Meteor Super at 600 fps much of a hindrance. I must have killed hundreds of crows, starlings etc. without any problems. I made some incredible shots with that air rifle. I still have it, though it needs new springs and washers/seals .

According to the paper work, that came with my's set up for an average velocity of 780 fps with a 12 fps spread for 100 shots. The power is adjustable, though I probably need to get a special tool for the adjustment screw. It has two holes, similar to what you would find in a high end shotgun with bushed firing pins.

I tried it out this Wednesday. Shot a few groups at 30 yards. Best one was so small that a pellet wouldn't fall through the hole. I was -12 outside,wind plus snow. the snow helped me compensate a bit for the wind. I was only able to last for about 40 shots before my fingers got too cold to feel the pellets. I wish the chamber was a bit tighter as the pellets would just fall out because my numb fingers couldn't push them in all the way.

It has a definite preference for AA Fields 8.4 gr 4.51mm.

No more shooting outside for a while as the temperature has dropped to -23c.

I noticed that if I shoot without the hampster attached, I get a blast of air with each shot. I was told that this was the excess air simply escaping. I that correct?

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