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Originally Posted by rosstyoung View Post
It seems comments in text are taken well out of context..... STE Hughes......comments sald in jest seem to offend...

Ive actually shot SARC twice at a local club and considering the discipline is advertised as going back to grass roots then I feel that 8 to 10 mil kill zones are a bit redicilous plus we had 20mm kill zone unsupported kneeling shots at 30 yards!!! I voiced my opinion at the time...

Hence my comments have substance behind them!!

Admittedly the second time I shot a sarc course the kills were massive and I got lucky on the small kills but as has been pointed out the rules are still up in the air.

Perhaps my comments are taken as defamation of SARC, this wasn't the intention, I'm sure it will be ironed out. But from personal experience I think it's rubbish......
I didn't single out anyone., but thank fully I am right out of eff's to give otherwise I am sure I would be greatly upset and all that with what you just said. Greatly upset.

My comments were made at 3am after a night out of drinking and strippers. If you want pics/videos pm me.
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