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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
If you use the Tac and use CG to find a good setup and zero distance to give the aimpoints you want then put 9x mag in CG. I measured the mag in both those Tac's and presuming the dot spacings would be true mildot at 10x mag ( 1 dot equals 1" at 27.7 yards at 10x mag) then the Tac's are 9x mag, 1 dot measured 1" at 25 yards. This was with the ocular set for my eyes, ocular adjustment does have a small influence on magnification.

This is not a bad thing, 9x mag on a mildot ret is very useful as yards=mm @ 1 mildot, example, 25mm kill measures 1 dot at 25y and 35mm kill measures 1 dot at 35Y etc.
So if a 25mm kill measures .75 of a mildot the distance would 25y + 1/3, about 32.5Y. because .25 is a 1/3 of .75.
a 25mm kill measuring .6 of a mildot would be full distance at 40y, 25y + 2/3. .4 is 2/3 of .6
9x mag with a little maths can tell you the range if you can identify the kill size!!
I don't use GC, but I have done the calculations and it is as you say, 1 mildot for 25mm at 25 yards. I wonder if this is what Hawke had intended.

I've not used hole bracketing much, but since the targets are forever becoming harder, I will be adding it as a tool to my ever growing toolbox.
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