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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Shot some of these last night indoor at 40yds.The groups we where getting where very impressive slightly bigger than a .22 pellet.
James said they shot lower through his Styer,but I dialled in the same on the Fwb 800.The hole in the card was very tight and clean compared to my normal AA 4.52.
I had the blue shot hooked up aswell and they ran about 8fps faster than the AA's.
Shot a few at 50yds aswell and got no noticeable drop.
Just need to try them outside now.
Interesting results.
How was the consistency over the chrono?
Have you tired weighing a few to see if they are 8.4's?
I still can't see how these work unless they're using more lead content to keep the weight up but cut down on the size.
I'm guessing that with the weight of 8.4 but the cross section of a 7.9 they 'should' perform well in wind.

Keep the reports coming this is all good stuff.
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