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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
I have had experience of 2 10x42 sidewinders, they both suffered the same fault. When the windage was not dead centre the cross hair appeared to be off centre and the peripheral image around the edge of the sight window was not equal, blurred at one side and sharp at the other. This made it impossible for the scope to tell you when your eye was central to eliminate px error.
The best thing for these scopes is to mount them on a Chinese springer until the gun or the scope breaks then drop the scope with the rifle still attached straight in the bin!
I think this is a bit harsh, I have been looking at the Hawke Sidewinder IR TAC 30 10x42 and the glass is better than the MTC 10x44 (more light). Field of focus is better and it suffers less from parallax problems compared to the aforementioned MTC. I think you are spoiled by optics that cost 4-5 times as much.

I am not seeing the off-center problem with mine. Perhaps it is worth mounting them optically centered. Finding where to put ones eye seems no more difficult either. It's not perfect of course; it's not true mildot and I would prefer to see some windage points in the reticle, but I may end up using this scope in competition.

The trend does seem to be going towards top-quality glass with smaller objectives. I recently looked through a MTC Viper Connect 3-12x24 at x8 magnification and I was blown away by the depth of focus and clarity. Everything in perfect focus from 8-40 yards. It's a pity they no longer illuminate the whole reticule. The .22 lead chuckers amongst us need about 3 mildots illuminated.
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